Organizations #

Organizations are the movers and shakers of your cluster. Groups large, powerful, or ambitious enough to change the fates of billions. The movements of Organizations drive conflict and change in the cluster, creating new situations, opportunities and dangers for the PCs.

Before the campaign, make 3–5 organizations. Look at your worlds. Their attributes and government types will suggest lines of power, conflict, and trade. Use these to create organizations.

Each organization has an Agenda, a Method, and a Goal. An organization’s Agenda is its ongoing purpose & its reason for existing. Its Methods is way in which it acts on its agenda and excercises power. Its Goal is the next step it is going to take, a specific action where it will use its Methods in service of its Agenda.

Example Organizations #

1. Noble Families #

Agenda: Maintain their own power as that of the empire wanes. Methods: Spying, backstabbing, hiring pawns. Goal: Discredit an upstart preacher delivering populist sermons.

Gigacorporations #

Agenda: Expand markets, monetize all aspects of life, sieze and eploit resources in the pursuit of capital. Methods: Market manipulation, bribery, mercenaries, exploitation. Goal: Destroy community farms on resource-poor world to create market for new food products.