Skills #

The skills included in the careers in character creation are described below. Adding new skills will encourage players to find uses for them, thus changing the world of your game. Your evolving game world may call for new skills, and new careers to house them. Add as desired.

Business #

Managing businesses, recognizing market patterns and navigating trade laws and tariffs. Directly affects the price of trade goods, as described in trade.

Computer #

Writing computer programs or viruses, navigating digital bureaucracy and operating starship computer systems.

Writing a new computer program might take a week or more, and require multiple throws depending on complexity.

Engineer #

Operating, repairing and modifying machines, including complex starship hardware and gate cores.

Forgery #

Faking physical and electronic documents like identification, permits, and manifests.

Gambling #

Common gambling games played in smoky starport bars and the parlors of nobles alike.

Gunnery #

Operating the large-scale weapons of starships and other vehicles.

Helm #

Piloting starships. Only make throws in combat situations or when making other difficult and dangerous maneuvers. Day-to-day operations do not require a throw.

Medic #

Basic medical understanding. Familiarity with medicine and surgeon’s tools.

Weapon Skills #

Use the specific skill category in a weapon when attacking with that weapon. Melee covers all melee combat from fists toblades, clubs, swords, spears, etc. Each category of firearm has its own skill.

Vehicle #

The driving and piloting of planetary vehicles. Groundcars, armored personnel carriers, hover skiffs, watercraft, ornithopters, jets, etc.