Logistics & Ports

Logistics & Ports #

Time & Money #

The basic unit of currency in Night Tripper is one credit. The basic unit of time is one week.

One credit represents a significant expense. It costs one credit to live in a starport for a week, including food and lodging. You could also spend one credit on a particularly extravagant dinner.

Travel between star systems is measured in weeks. During a week in port the PC’s can pursue opportunities, trade commodities and encounter the locals. Extensive starship repairs are measured in weeks.

One month is four weeks, and one year is 12 months. The referee should keep a calendar of the current week, month, and year of the campaign world.

Equipment #

The following are lists of equipment and their costs. Listed costs assume the item is readily available on a world. For worlds with a very low Tech attribute, costs may be much higher for technological items. Other events in the campaign like blockades or trade disputes may also affect the costs of equipment, at the referee’s discretion.

One Credit Buys #

  • A medical kit
  • A mechanical tool kit (wrenches, spanners, wire cutters, etc)
  • A portable computer
  • A portable lab
  • A cutting laser
  • Etc.

Weapon & Armor Costs #

  • Pistols, Scatterguns: 1 credit
  • Carbines, Long Rifles: 10 credits
  • Laser Pistols: 100 credits
  • Laser Carbines, Laser Long Rifles: 200 credits
  • Body armor: 10 credits
  • Concealed body armor (woven into a coat, etc): 10 credits

Transport #

  • Hover belt: 15 credits
  • Ground car: 30 credits
  • Hover skiff: 100 credits
  • Armored transport: 200 credits
  • Orbital shuttle: 500 credits

Ports #

Worlds with a Technology attribute of 3 or more have a dedicated star port. In port, PCs can purchase equipment, repair their ship, and look for new opportunities.

Weekly Procedure #

Take the following steps each week the PC’s spend in port:

  1. The PCs pay 1 credit docking and resupply fee for the ship. This entitles them to the space for up to one week.
  2. The PCs pay 1 credit each for basic lifestyle upkeep and lodgings.
  3. Roll for law enforcement encounter. Roll 2d6, if the total is equal to or lower than the world’s Authority attribute, local authorities approach the PCs and will ask for identification, cargo manifest, etc.
  4. Buy and sell any trade goods using the trade rules.
  5. Commission any starship repairs
  6. Each PC may perform one of the following tasks for the duration of the week:
    • Seek out an opportunity for the crew
    • Attempt to hire specialist NPCs
    • Recieve medical care
  7. Update the campaign calendar by 1 week.

Weekly Expenses #

  • 1 credit docking and resupply fee
  • 1 credit/person lifestyle expenses

Starship Repair Costs #

  • Per point of damage, for each component: 1 credit
  • Per destroyed component: +10 Credits
  • Damaged gate core: 20 credits
  • Destroyed gate core: 50 credits

Starship Repair Time #

  • All damaged components: 1 week
  • Per destroyed component: +1 week

Seeking opportunities #

PCs may throw to hear about an opportunity available on the world. Opportunities can anything from rumors about derelict ships to wealthy patrons willing to pay for a dangerous task. If a PCs Career rank applies to any opportunities the referee has prepared, they may add it to the throw.

Opportunities need not be local to the current world. If the Referee has no adventure prepared locally, the PCs may get information about an opportunity that requires travel.

Tools for generating opportunities between game sessions or on the fly are forthcoming.

Hiring NPCs #

PCs attempting to hire on NPCs make a throw each week, adding their Career rank if it applies to the type of NPC being sought out. On a succesful throw, a specialist is found. A specialist’s maximum Skill rank is 3, or the Impact of the hiring throw, whichever is lower.

NPCs will at a minimum expect 1 credit per week per rank of Skill. For highly specialized or dangerous tasks, they may demand as much as double that.

Multiple PCs may throw to find the same specialist.

Medical Care #

Removing all Wound conditions requires a number of weeks of medical care equal to the Severity of a character’s worst Wound. Reduce total healing time by one week for each rank of the world’s Tech attribute above 3, with a minimum of 1 week.

On worlds without free medical care, healing will cost 1 credit per Severity of each healed Wound.

On worlds with an Authority of 3 or higher, injuries sustained by violence will usually prompt questions from law enforcement.